Arch Crawford. Barron’s has called Arch Crawford “Wall Street’s best-known astrologer.” He is renowned for achieving a high level of forecasting success over the medium to long term


Astrology Fund is a leading site on financial astrology offering market timing and global stock market selection. Sample forecasts are offered as well as articles, resources, FAQ, pointers and so forth.
  Amanita. Manfred Zimmel offers a range of market forecasts, based on cycles, Elliott waves, technical analysis and fundamental analysis. In German and English.
  Astrocycle Research promotes the study of cycles in financial markets & their possible astrological connections. 

Moon Sun

MMA Cycles Report. Ray Merriman uses advanced research techniques to uncover cycles in financial markets and the general economy.
  Lunatic Trader - Trading by the Moon. 
  Safe Haven "is an Internet portal that presents independent articles, and links to noteworthy items, written in an easily understood format and style".


The Future offers an extensive coverage on cycles -  Astrological, Gann, behavioural finance and so forth.  Good links page.
  Joe F Rocks  Growth Stock Investor and Market Analyst. Free top nosh strategist and destination link.
  Foundation For The Study Of Cycles
  Bonnie's Links Bonnie Lee Hill presents a great web site on all aspects of market cycle theory. 
  Polar Pacific  David Bensimon's website offers an in-depth look at the long term wave structure and outlook for the coming decade. His Dynamic Balance Weekly Report covers key markets using waves, cycles, and other tools developed from his experience with trading for global investment banks.
ShareLynx gives a good coverage of gold & share markets. It also has an excellent links page.
  Stocktracker250 provides tracking software that promotes risk management through position sizing.

The Equinox Lunar Phase Calendar graphically features the cycle of the moon and includes the time when the sun moves into different signs. The site also features a range of unique personal horoscopes written by astrologer Robert Currey .

Astrostar presents horoscopes, oracles (astro, lotto, general), soul mate pages, messages board, New Age shops, discount books, conferences and more.
ISAR - International Society for Astrological Research is "dedicated to encouraging the highest standards of quality in astrology".

My Local Village - Nimbin, Australia

  My Rainforest - Planted by yours truly -  Photo 1Photo 2Photo 3, Photo 4
  Nimbin Plant Selection Guide  provides people in the Northern Rivers Region of NSW and south-east Queensland with comprehensive listings on suitable tree species for their gardens and rainforest plantings.