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Most major US financial panics fell in the 9/56 year cycle, including the upheavals of 1792, 1819, 1837, 1857, 1873, 1884, 1893, 1920, 1929, 1931, 1933, 1980, 1987, 1998 and 2007 (financial panics). Such trends, in turn, are firmly based on Moon Sun cycles, a finding that has been covered extensively in three market timing books and various papers presented on this site.
Given the favorable findings for financial panics, the 9/56 year cycle was also extrapolated to the timing of earthquakes (eg: California, Chile-Peru, Japan-Kamchatka and World Mega Quakes) and hurricanes

The 9/56 year cycle consists of a grid with intervals of 56 years on the vertical (called sequences) and multiples of 9 years on the horizontal (called subcycles). Any events that cluster in the 9/56 year grid will correlate perfectly with Moon Sun cycles. Events in the same 56 year sequence will have the lunar ascending node (LAN) in a narrow sector of the ecliptic, with no exceptions (1st harmonic). Any events grouping in the 9/56 year grid will have LAN in two sectors approximately 180 degrees opposite in the ecliptic with no exceptions (1st and 2nd harmonics). For events occurring around the same time of year and in the same 9/56 year grid, the apogee point will be found in three sectors 120 degrees apart on the ecliptic with no exceptions (3rd harmonic). Both LAN and apogee may be strongly linked to terrestrial tidal harmonics. Thus the 9/56 year cycle is hypothesized to arise from Moon Sun tidal effects.

This is a unique view of the business cycle, which hopefully you will find both informative and penetrating. Since 2003, numerous academic papers have been published on a lunar phase effect in financial patterns (refs). It not a question of whether the Moon and Sun influence market activity, but to what extent. Numerous correlates can be produced to support an intimate relationship between Moon Sun cycles and market outcomes. 

J M Funk Originator of the 56 Year Panic Cycle 


Three books have been written on Moon Sun market timing, which are currently being revised and updated.

By The Number 56
2006 Edition

By The Moon & The Sun
2004 Edition

Moon Sun Research
2006 to 2009

Contents         Summary

Contents         Summary





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The following papers are presented for your interest to give you an outline of the 9/56 year cycle and the Moon Sun effect in financial and earthquake activity.

Corrections and research suggestions are most appreciated.


Recent Paper - Technical Analysis

Fibonacci - Lucas numbers, moon sun cycles and financial timing 

David McMinn
Market Technician, Journal of the Society of Technical Analysts. Issue 75. p 9-13. October 2013

Papers - Earthquakes & Volcanoes

The papers published in the NCGT Journal may be downloaded from

9/56 Year Cycle: Earthquakes in The Pacific Rim of South America

David McMinn
New Concepts in Global Tectonics Journal. V 2 No 3. p 10-18 . September 2014

9/56 Year Cycle: Earthquakes in Japan, Kamchatka and Alaska

David McMinn
New Concepts in Global Tectonics Journal. V 2 No 1. p 1-20. March 2014

54/56 Year Cycle: World Mega Quake Clustering
David McMinn
New Concepts in Global Tectonics Journal. V 1 No 1. p 1-20. March 2013

9/56 Year Cycle: 18th and 19th Century World Earthquakes
David McMinn
New Concepts in Global Tectonics Newsletter. No 65. p 7-18. December, 2012.

9/56 Year Cycle: World Mega Volcanic Eruptions
David McMinn
New Concepts in Global Tectonics Newsletter. No 64. p 7-18. September, 2012

Financial Cycles: A Key to Deciphering Seismic Cycles?
David McMINN
New Concepts in Global Tectonics Newsletter. No 63. p 15-36. June 2012.  

9/56 Year Cycle: Earthquakes in Peru, The Philippines and Selected US States
David McMINN

New Concepts in Global Tectonics Newsletter
No 62. p 26-50. March 2012.

9/56 Year Cycle: Earthquakes in Selected Countries
David McMINN
New Concepts in Global Tectonics Newsletter. No 60. p 9-37. September 2011.

9/56 Year Cycle: Record Earthquakes
David McMINN
New Concepts in Global Tectonics Newsletter. No 59. p 88-104. June 2011.

9/56 Year Cycle: Hurricanes
David McMINN
New Concepts in Global Tectonics Newsletter. No 59. p 105-111. June 2011.

9/56 Year Cycle: Californian Earthquakes
David McMINN
New Concepts in Global Tectonics Newsletter. No 58. p 33-44. March 2011.


The 9/56 Year Cycle - Finance

9/56 Year Cycle: Financial Panics

The Moon, The Sun & The Number 56


Moon Sun Influences In Financial Activity

Moon Sun Parallels: The Great Panics of 1929 & 1987

The Benner Cycle, The Fibonaccis & The Number 56

Moon Sun Finance: Academic References

Moon Sun Finance: References in Technical Analysis

Man & Cosmos. A Theory of Endeavor Rhythms
Clifford, Charles Matlock. Development Cycles Research Project. 1977

The 9/56 Year Cycle - Earthquakes

9/56 Year Cycle: Californian Earthquakes

9/56 Year Cycle: Earthquakes & Volcanoes

Moon Sun Seismology Academic References


9/56 Year Cycle - Weather

Moon Sun Weather Academic References

US Presidential Death & Birth Anomalies

9/56Year Cycle: US Presidential Assassinations

US Presidential Deaths, Seasonality and Lunar Phase


Names & Electoral Success


Moon Sun Finance: A New Paradigm?

Planned Obsolescence: The Ultimate Economic Inefficiency

Financial Paradigms


In 1984, I read with great interest David Williamsí book Financial Astrology. It proved highly stimulating and set me on a course of studying the business cycle. After much research, Williamsí work was found to be invalid. Although fascinating, the larger planets in the solar system could not be correlated with the timing of major financial crises or the business cycle generally. Thus, Williams' findings were negated as having any practical use in market forecasting. However, what did stand out was his coverage of J M Funkís 56 year panic cycle. This consisted of three sequences, in which major US financial crises happened every 56 years. In the 100 years to 1930, these three sequences contained 6 years, in which occurred five of the worst panics in US economic history - 1837, 1857, 1873, 1893 & 1929. Amazing! Ensuing assessments found that financial distress occurred quite regularly in grid patterns based on multiples of 9 and 56 years. 

Although a 9/56 year panic cycle was clearly evident, a causal factor precipitating this repetitive cycle could not be readily established. Major crashes and panics took place every 56 years - but why???? Traditional astrology was the initial area favoured, but it offered no satisfaction. No relationships could be proven between the planets and the 9/56 year panic cycle. Numerous other traditional factors were considered, such as sunspots and eclipses (as distinct from eclipse cycles), but these were equally unsuccessful. Finally, I noticed that, on the same date every 56 years, the Moonís north node was sited only three degrees further clockwise on the ecliptical circle. This was very intriguing and ultimately proved to be a gold mine for further analysis. Follow up research established numerous Moon Sun correlates with the 9/56 year cycle, major financial upheavals and peaks/toughs in the Dow Jones Industrial Average index.

The basic hypothesis is that the Moon and Sun activate human physiological cycles (there are numerous scientific studies to support this), which influence the mass mood and thus drive financial activity. The mass mood of a population is postulated to oscillate between optimism (a rising market) and fear (a falling market) in accordance with Moon Sun cycles. The crisis occurs when there is a sudden shift in sentiment from greed to fear. The mathematics involved in these cycles remain unknown and accurate market forecasting cannot be made from the findings achieved to date. This was very frustrating and I feel my efforts have been only partly successful. Hopefully, other cycle enthusiasts will take up the challenge where I have left off. If I had been able to unravel the Moon Sun effect completely, the market timing books would never have been published. Having this vital information would be a license to print money through market speculation and fame as an investment guru.

How well the 9/56 year panic cycle and the Moon Sun hypothesis hold up to the test of time remains to be seen. They need to be assessed by others in further studies and thereby vindicated or negated. It will be very interesting to see the outcome of this process. Given the radical nature of the Moon Sun effect, conservative elements in economics and the sciences will denigrate or simply ignore this theory, regardless of its intrinsic worth. So be it. Such responses are always evident in the face of radical theories that contradict the dominant paradigms. Alas, good conservatives are always slow learners. By definition, they cannot cope with new ideas, not even good new ideas. Conservatism should be seen for what it really is - a learning disability.

David McMinn Bio
David completed a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Melbourne in 1971 and subsequently was employed as a Minerals Economist in the ANZ Banking Group Ltd, a major Australian financial institution.
Since leaving this position in 1982, he has been conducting private research on the business cycle. The ultimate outcome was the publication of numerous papers on cycle theory, as well as the three books on Market Timing.

" The purpose of studying economics is to learn how to avoid being deceived by other economists."
Joan Robinson, Cambridge economist.

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